What kosher food can I buy in Dubai supermarkets

Travelers often want flexibility in what they eat and where they get their food. Not everyone can afford to eat out every night. While there now are kosher restaurants in Dubai, they are on the higher end in terms of price, and not really affordable as an every night solution for the average family. I often get asked, what kosher food can I buy in Dubai? Where can I buy meat? Is the bread in the supermarket kosher? Can I drink the milk?

Soon, I will be launching my cafe and bakery which will have Chalav Yisrael foods and pas Yisrael breads. Until then, this is what is available….

    • Chalav Yisrael products are not available in supermarkets. This will need to be brought with you.
    • Limited OU Dairy products (such as sour cream, butter and cream cheese) are available in the international supermarkets such as Lulus, Carrefour, Union Co-op, Choitrams and Waitrose. However, they do not keep the same products and not all branches have these items
    • The South African store, Hyperama Dubai, has a vast range of kosher products. Best to familiarize yourself with the South African Beth Din’s logo before heading there.
    • The chalav stam milk is labeled as cow’s milk. The labels claim that it is 100% pure cow’s milk. If you would like to know whether you can drink chalav stam milk while traveling, please consult with your rabbi.
    • There are no kosher butcheries in Dubai. If you would like to eat meat, you would need to go to the restaurants or order delivery from my kitchen.
    • Kosher bread is not available in supermarkets. You can get bread from the kosher restaurants in Dubai or order from my kitchen.
    • Kosher grocery products are available in the supermarkets listed above. This includes olive oil, pasta, ice creams, flour, sugar, jams, cereals, almond milk, soya milk, tea, vegan products, canned items (tomato paste, beans), crackers, crisps etc….


It is possible to rent a hotel apartment in Dubai and eat well by just relying on supermarkets. This will help many travelers and families with the budgets.

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